WING3-006P | havana aqua mirror
WING3-006P | havana aqua mirror
WING3-006P | havana aqua mirror
WING3-006P | havana aqua mirror
WING3-006P | havana aqua mirror
WING3-006P | havana aqua mirror
Polarized | Dual Temple System

WING3-006P | havana aqua mirror

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Switch from lifestyle look to sports functionality within seconds. WING3 features our unique DUAL TEMPLE SYSTEM for ultimate grip. Polarized lenses provide premium protection from glare and UV rays. Whether you’re jumping out of a plane or strolling around the city, these sunglasses are your versatile companion. Choose from a bright splash of colors.

Shape: rounded square

Size: 53-16-145

Feature: Dual Temple System


Dual Temple System

Losing your sunglasses will be a thing of the past! Our patented Dual Temple System combines two temple elements in one frame. By moving a small slider with one finger, a second hidden metal wire extends out and wraps around the ear.The second temple provides best possible grip during high-level sports activities. Through its curly form, the flexible temple securely hugs the ear and is individually adjustable.
In the same way as it extends, the wire slides back until it completely disappears inside the temple again - without once removing the frame from the head.

Red Bull Spect Dual Temple System 

Polarized sunglasses provide optimum visual clarity. They reduce the effect of reflected light and improve definition. Contrasts and colors are perceived more intensely as a special filter blocks intense glare. Your eyes will have to work less hard and therefore fatigue slower. No matter if you are on the street, snow or water, polarized glasses give you the freedom to do what you love more often, longer and more excessively.
  • Sharper contrasts
  • Brilliant, rich colors
  • Reduced glare of reflected light
  • More action

 To further protect your eyes from harmful sun rays (UVA/ UVB), our sunglasses block 100 percent of UV rays! 

 Red Bull Spect Polarized Lenses